Kim Woojin
1997. 04. 08

KIM WOOJIN has been receiving a huge attention both at home and abroad even before his debut known as an artist with warm and soft tone of attractive voice and powerful performance.

With more than 150 contents of podcast, cover video, collaboration, vlog, etc. for 7 months during the pre-debut period, KIM WOOJIN prepared for his debut step by step and proved the great anticipation of worldwide fans achieving 350k YouTube subscribers and 1.5M TikTok followers. In July of 2021, he was ready to officially introduce his music to the world with his pre-debut single [Still Dream], which put his own story genuinely.

In August of 2021, KIM WOOJIN will make his official debut with a release of his debut album [The moment : 未成年, a minor], which will show his various musical charms. In this album, KIM WOOJIN has participated in the lyrics of all tracks, and in addition to his voice along with his delicate range of feeling and energetic performance, he will present the starting point of an artist with a growth mindset. Many listeners are looking for the music of KIM WOOJIN, a multi-entertainer who will give the best of both vocal and performance.

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