Mini Album 2024.04.22

KIM WOOJIN, who marks a new beginning as a solo artist, thought how he could tell a story with his voice through this album. Like everyone else, while undergoing difficult times, he experienced deep insight and reflection on himself, as well as confidence and hope for the way he should go. And then, he did make up his mind to be certain about his music to grow up as a good artist.

The 3rd Mini Album [I LIKE THE WAY] is the very first chapter. KIM WOOJIN has actively participated in track composition, mood direction and songwriting, and he is now ready to confidently and honestly tell his own story of the changes he has experienced so far.

Through the album, which includes a total of 5 songs including the title track ‘I Like The Way’, KIM WOOJIN presents a diverse spectrum of genres such as pop, R&B, ballad, and afrobeat, etc, wants to fully express joy and comfort through music. If someone else going through tough times can find happiness and solace through music, just as he did.

1I Like The Way02:52
2Pretty Mess02:46
3What U Say02:35
5To. My Friend03:05